Crippled but Able

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus • Perform a takedown while in the wheelchair • 5G • 47.17% of gamers unlocked this

I’d say that it was time for something a bit different today, but seen as I used a substantial number of the original (or the rebooted) Wolfenstein achievements for this challenge, I think ‘different’ is a bit of a stretch.

What I do want to brag about though is Xbox’s brilliant effort to ensure achievements work on game trials! That’s right – I didn’t part with a single dollary-doo to play the first few level (or maybe it’s just the first level and it’s quite long) of Wolfy 2 today, and I still managed to grab a couple of achievements along the way. Sure, it’s no 100% (which I’ll never get on any of the Wolfy’s so long as playing on the extreme difficulty is on there … I’m a ‘Can I Play, Daddy?’ guy all the way), but it not 0G either. It’s good customer service from Microsoft, and they should be called out for it.

The game itself seems to have largely kept the same look at feel of the original/reboot. It’s nazis, it’s guns and it’s interlaced with some cut scenes from time-to-time. Repeat ad nauseam. It also seems to pick up right where the last one left off, including a whole … ‘Previously on Wolfenstein…’ clip at the start, but even for a guy who has probably played it more recently than others … I’m still a little lost in the wilderness. But hey, that’s ok. I know Nazis, and I know guns. Pew pew.

PS – I accidentally saved an image from the Xbox App on iOS and it didn’t crash it! Perhaps we’re back-in-the-game, baby!


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