Reality Bites

tenplay • You have watched 2 reality show episodes • 0G • 22.22% of gamers unlocked this

Do you know what I miss? The use of achievements or ‘gamification’ on broader media products. As much as I don’t like Don Mattrick and what he did to destroy Xbox, whoever signed off on the original concept behind achievements for Apps like Twitch, and – like this one – tenplay, deserves a hearty thanks from achievement hunters like me. I have little doubt that this implementation copped a lot of peripheral flack from the launch debacle, so when I get an achievement popping just for watching a TV show with my wife (yes, I know it was sloppy reality TV – I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, if you must know) then I think that’s worthy of a little celebration.

Gamification has been broadly picking up traction in the outer rim of corporate thinking over the past few years – the idea of ‘badges’ to demonstrate competency, and employee reward schemes all mimic what gamers consider a staple service.

Perhaps it’s just another example of Microsoft innovating too early and letting someone else come along later and do it better.

Either way, even at this late hour, I thought it was worth a mention. We don’t call out success on the internet nearly as much as failure – it’s nice to balance the scales back a little from time-to-time.


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