Statue Smasher

Skylanders Trap Team • Chapter 3: Destroy 4 stone Chompy heads • 10G • 18.71% of gamers unlocked this

Sometimes you have to be opportunistic in your achievement hunting – this one came by way of piggy-backing off my son trying out a new Skylander, so I ‘subtly suggested’ that he might like to attempt this level after seeing what achievements I had left on my list.

The trick here is in the variety used to smash the heads. Two of them were done with cannons, and I kept looking around for a third cannon to destroy, but – as it turns out – I just needed to push a block off a cliff instead.

Tonight’s entry is a quick one, because I started it, then got deep into my Diablo III season (Level 68 … so close!) – which is exactly where I’m going back to for a quick rift before bed, so if you’ll excuse me …


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