Reign of Terror

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls • Kill Diablo in Hardcore mode • 25G • 3.85% of gamers unlocked this

Finally, a Diablo achievement. I actually thought this would be much harder to get, but when I worked out that levels were scaled in Adventure Mode, I pretty much worked out that I could take Diablo down without too much effort. Turns out I was right. Well … kind of right. I did make an attempt the other day using this strategy and going after Malthael with a hardcore character, but he killed me in spectacular fashion and it was back to the drawing board.

So, this time around I chose a Necromancer, one of the most overpowered options in the game (in my view) and got him up to level 10 using a few quick rift runs and a bounty. More than enough to defeat Diablo in this manner – don’t get me wrong, you still need to pay attention and keep the pressure on him, but it’s quite doable for an hour’s worth of work.

It’s just ticked over 11pm here, so I’m thinking I’ll wait until midnight and then I’m going to make another attempt using my newly minted Necromancer to take down Malthael. It’s either that or he’ll kill another of my characters, but at least tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll have a chance to grab something innocuous as backup.

But for now, I’m just pleased I was able to get a ‘little’ closer to 100%’ing Diablo. I don’t think it will be guaranteed to happen, but it’s certainly a worthy aspiration.


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