Halo: The Master Chief Collection • Halo 3: Complete The Ark • 10G • 16.02% of gamers unlocked this

There was a story this week that 343 are releasing a new patch for the MCC or something, that made me feel a bit guilty for not having pushed through the Halo series yet. A look at the achievement list shows that I’ve been playing the collection on-and-off since 2015, so I guess it’s time to pull the finger out.

The problem is, I’m fairly lost in the story now. I know I have to kill the Flood and that’s about the sum total of my knowledge, and Cortana is hurt … or stolen? Gah, kill aliens that prompt a red cross hair – that seems to be the best solution, and it’s been working so far.

It’s funny how you can see elements of Destiny in the original Halos. I do miss iron sights though, but I figure when you’re playing a classic you just have to take it as it comes.

Tonight I am considering another Halo level, or back to Diablo III … I’m not really sure. I’m working through the Netflix series, Godless, at the moment, which episodes go for either 40 minutes or an hour-and-a-half, so it kind of dictates how much energy I have to invest in a particular game.

Regardless, I feel like I could do with a good night’s sleep anyway – the last few nights the kids’ have been either awake overnight or up early … give me the strength!

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