The Key

Halo: The Master Chief Collection • Halo 3: Complete Cortana • 10G • 13.68% of gamers unlocked this

I’m interested to see if the low completion rate of these Halo 3 achievements has to do with a general lack of take-up of the MCC, or if people just wanted to play the remasters and let the others slide. For a game that is pretty much the lynchpin of Xbox exclusivity, I would have thought it would be a ‘touch’ higher, but at the same time the Xbox loyalists have probably played Halo 3 to death and don’t necessarily need to revisit that universe for the hell of it when there are multiple other, and shinier, versions of it to enjoy.

Tonight it was all about Cortana. Save Cortana. That was the mission, and I did it with many deaths and very little application of effort. In each of the campaign levels there is an achievement for beating the par score, so for the last couple of sessions, I’ve been trying to run through the levels as quick as I can. Alas, it wasn’t to be with this mission. In what seemed to be the bowels of a living ship, I spent a lot of time getting lost – so a speed run wasn’t really on-the-cards tonight. At this stage, I’m simply going for completion. I’m certain I’ve said it before, but the absence of Halo on my ‘Games I’ve Completed’ CV seems unacceptable for a guy writing a blog about earning an Xbox achievement every day.

No great leaps were made in my understanding of the story tonight. I think I blew the living ship up but it was hard to tell – plus I’m completely confused which aliens are bad and which are not. By the time I get to Halo 5, I’m sure it will just be one big happy alien family.

I’m definitely on the home strait now. I think there’s, at most, three levels to go. If I could get a good run at them I’d be able to knock them on the head – but I suspect it’ll be tomorrow at the earliest. Time will tell.


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