A Long Time Ago

Halo: The Master Chief Collection • Halo 4: Play a game of Halo 4 on the 6th of any month • 5G • 12.83% of gamers unlocked this

I am sure I will either learn, or am already supposed to know, the significance of the “6th”, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to log a date-specific achievement in my entry for the day. In fact, what made it even better was it popped as a surprise as I started my Halo 4 journey tonight – talk about timing!

The opening monologue is actually not foreign to me. One of the great surprises in gaming of the last few years was the use of a podcast as a marketing tool in the lead up to Halo 5. The podcast was brilliant, and while I don’t doubt there are a few links into Halo 4 which I’m sure I’ll discover during this play through – it actually spent a lot of time working through John-117’s backstory, part of which is told in the opening seconds of the game. For the record, the podcast was called Hunt the Truth.

I still don’t have the love for Cortana that I think I’m supposed to though. The Master Chief’s infatuation with a small computer AI is borderline creepy, and if people were in love with their Google Home or Amazon Alexa, I would be well within my rights to look at them sideways. In saying that, who knows? Perhaps AI/human love will be looked on as social progression in years to come, and this story will be lauded as a romantic tale.

Today, however, is not that day.

I’ve made it through the first excellent mission and will likely try and get another one done tonight, depending on what time I get the kids to bed and finish another episode of Godless. I’m loving my decision to push through the Halo series though. It feels like a good bucket list item to tick-off.


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