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Twitch • Add 5 channels to your auto host list

I make no apology or secret for being an achievement hunter. I’ve relentlessly pursued an Xbox Achievement every day for over seven months, already – and I seem to be making a fairly good dent in my Steam Achievements of late as well (though they seem to be a much less regulated affair, I feel like they’re a bit cheap-and-cheerful).


Today, I was simply updating my profile picture on Twitch when I went through and added a few channels to my auto-host list as well. I don’t really use Twitch as much as I’d like to – but I figured that I could add a few of my interests to my own channel considering the Twitch system will essentially auto-host them for me anyway. You know … to give my channel a bit of ‘flavour’. Anyway, I was surprised to see this achievement pop. There’s a few others on there that, I suspect, are all about encouraging people to work their way up to Twitch Partner, but there’s nothing to stop me grabbing a few of these to stroke my own ego in the meantime!

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