Spare change

Halo Wars 2 • Spent 5 Leader Points in Multiplayer or Skirmish • 10G • 48.52% of gamers unlocked this

First of all, I’m slightly miffed about the capitalisation of the word ‘change’, but I suppose, grammatically, they’re correct in their articulation – so while it’s not my thematic preference, I’ll survive.

Secondly, Halo Wars 2 is part of Game Pass now! I don’t see myself getting into the multiplayer side of things much – I think this would be much easier on a PC – but there’s a healthy campaign attached to the game waiting for me to conquer it – so that’s what I’ll do.

It’s actually a bit of a shame that my computer hardware is starting to age, but a 2012 model computer that can still run a low-res copy of Rocket League deserves some kudos I would argue. There are an increasing number of Xbox games making themselves a spot on the (God-awful) Windows Store, and like the console equivalent, sometimes there’s pretty good deals on there. I still quietly pine for a Steam-Xbox merger, but judging by recent reports, it’s little more than spitballing.

Anyway, I’m enjoying what I’ve played of Halo Wars 2 in the meantime. I’m only a few levels in, but it’s good harmless fun – and something a bit different for a change. There’s some low-hanging achievements there for the grabbing as well, if only I could keep my insomniac children in bed long enough in the morning to let me squeeze in a ten minute achievement session!


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