Learn the ropes

Halo Wars 2 • Completed the Basic standalone tutorial • 10G • 42.63% of gamers unlocked this

Of course I don’t need a tutorial to play Halo Wars 2. If anything, I’m turning into a bit of a gun player (touch wood). For what amounts to an RTS on a console, I think I’m doing a pretty good job navigating my way around my controller and saving the world. But, this – along with the other tutorials – offer up an achievement, and it would be remiss of me not to jump through the hoops to obtain it.

When we’re talking ‘Basic standalone tutorial’, it’s almost hard to believe how basic it is. Literally, move the camera left, move the camera right, zoom in, zoom out, move your troops, the end. However, this morning I was up around 4.30am, and had an incredibly difficult time getting back to sleep. I don’t know what caused it – perhaps the salty pizza (and large serving) that I had for dinner last night had caused me to dehydrate (right now I’m craving a drink of water … I might pause for a minute to go fill my drink bottle up) – but the net result is that I was awake, and with the rest of the family asleep, it felt like a good time to knock an easy achievement on the head. Don’t get me wrong, I was tired, I just couldn’t sleep, so following some basic instructions met my fairly low benchmark for complexity today.

Skimming through my games library this morning still makes me realise how many games that I need to finish-off and then delete from my library in order to move on with my life. I don’t think it should be any surprise that I’m a bit of a digital hoarder, and while it doesn’t really impact my day-to-day living, it does mean that I’m a bit flighty when it comes to playing, and finishing games. Perhaps it’s a challenge for 2018-19, but time will tell. I suspect I will be as flighty in 2028 as I am in 2018.

Right now, I’m just thankful that Xbox caters for tired Dads awake in the middle of the night as much as any other demographic.


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