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Halo: The Master Chief Collection • Completed 50 missions or multiplayer games • 10G • 22.34% of gamers unlocked this

It’s done. Halo 1-4 are now complete. I still aim to make my way through the latest installment, Halo 5, if-and-when the mood grabs me (I have a beautiful collectors edition statue on my shelf, so it seems silly that I’ve never met any of the pro/antagonists from this title), but for now I feel like I’ve scratched off a series of items from my pile of shame.

What I found particularly interesting was how rare the achievement for completing Halo 4 was [8.03% for Easy Difficulty Completion]. What this tells me is that most of the people who bought the Master Chief Collection seemingly done so to play multiplayer. 22% of players playing 50 missions versus 8% completing Halo 4 … that’s pretty telling.

Of course, playing the game straight through still isn’t enough to earn this achievement. In order to tick-over to the magical ’50’ number, I had to start up one of the Spartan Ops missions – which in-and-of-itself was enough to earn another achievement, ‘Operation Completion’, a 5G achievement with an 18.74% completion rate.

The Spartan Ops (on easy difficulty, anyway) seem fairly quick-and-dirty ways to power through some Halo gameplay … though I’ve admittedly only played the first level. I don’t know how much more Halo MCC I’ll get to, but these seem like good time wasters if needed. There’s a few achievements here worth considering as well – but will see how necessary they prove to be in-a-push.

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