Tuning In

MX vs ATV Reflex • Adjust a Tuning Slider and save the new setting • 5G • 34.76% of gamers unlocked this

I suspect that this was one of the many titles I downloaded from either Game Pass, or its a Games with Gold title that I just added to my library without much thought – but either way, I had a house with two tired but nonetheless, very engaged children tonight, and I thought it best not to risk anything with demons (Diablo III, The Wolf Among Us) or violence (pretty much anything else in my library) right before bed.

As an aside: It was kind of nice to see the THQ logo at the start of the game (RIP). I still quietly pined for enough money to buy some of the great IPs up for grabs when they first went under … its nice to see some of them evolve since the collapse.

Anyway, tonight’s achievement was earned by having a quick skim of the achievement list and seeing what was, effectively, low hanging fruit. It was a quick adjustment to the bike’s suspension which earned me the 5G, before everyone headed to bed for the night.

… Which is exactly where I’m heading now! Insert yawn here.


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