Gold Standard

MX vs ATX Reflex • Earn a Gold medal in any MotoCareer Free Ride Challenge • 10G • 37.25% of gamers unlocked this

For a 360 game, I can see a lot of appeal in the Free Ride mode in MX vs ATX. I’ve only had a cursory look around the map, but I can see potential for a great deal of fun, either doing challenges like the one that earned me today’s achievement, or simply just stuffing around trying to master tricks which are deceptively hard to trigger, let alone land.

Elsewhere in gaming, today is the start of a large EA Publisher Sale on Xbox, so I managed to pick up copies of Dragon Age Inquisition (which I didn’t really enjoy in the Beta, here’s hoping a second bite will yield a more favourable opinion), and Mass Effect Andromeda, which I assume bottomed out as the jewel in EA’s crown after a slew of technical failures shortly after launch. Both are games which I would probably have been happy to leave on my pile of shame – but at the discounted price, I figured it might be a good time to jump back into something with a bit of ‘meat’. Digitally anyway, there’s actually a whole collection of meaty games sitting on my shelf that require one-step-too-many for me to get up and load onto the console, so when I make my evening gaming selection – it’s almost always going to be digital first.

If there’s a chance, I’ll kick off one of those games later tonight, otherwise I could equally see the appeal in an early visit to bed. My lovely children have discovered 5am (or earlier) far too frequently in the past fortnight – and I’m built for comfort, not endurance … which is exactly why I keep my off-roading dirt bike adventures to the Xbox, and not real life.


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