Dragon Age: Inquisition • Trigger a cross-class combo with a character you control in single-player mode • 15G • 59.14% of gamers unlocked this

I am so overwhelmingly tired that I think I was very close to falling asleep at work today. I actually finished an achievement on Letter Quest this morning in anticipation of crashing into bed tonight, but after a quick episode of the US version of Shameless (I’m only up to episode 4, jury is still out), I jumped into Dragon Age: Inquisition to see if I could progress any further and maybe find a better achievement than I earned this morning.

Turns out I earned an achievement for doing something that I have no idea how to do, and no idea what it means.

I have to say, the second time out is actually much better with Dragon Age: Inquisition. I worked out that I already had the first progress achievement unlocked from the free trial they had on offer – so after passing that section of gameplay, I’m now ‘in the thick’ of it and into quests and the main story arc. There’s a lot to take in – and I’m not entirely sure that I can work out what’s happening, but it’s essentially a ‘save the world’ type of story, so killing red monsters until the next part of the story seems to be a pretty good cadence.

I have another night in front of the TV scheduled for tomorrow, so I’ll likely experiment with what’s on offer in my games library then. It’s optimistic, I know, but anticipating some variety is probably better than definitely not doing anything at all.

Right now though, ‘nothing’ is exactly what I’m off to do. In the wise words of Paulie from The Sopranos: “A man needs his seven hours.”


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