Dragon Age: Inquisition • Secure a mount • 15G • 40.23% of gamers unlocked this

I feel like I’ve done a fairly good job whinging about how tired I am lately. Every day about 3pm I fall in a bit of a heap, and it’s typically only a cup of coffee and some chocolate-based confectionary which seem to get me over the line.

So, here it is at 9.30pm on a Friday night and I’m tucked up in bed smashing out a blog entry before I go to sleep. I was planning on something a bit more adventurous from the Dragon Age series tonight, but instead the last 20-30 minutes has been about horse racing. And I’m not talking Witcher 3-style awesome horse racing – I’m talking ‘click L3’, keep the horse pointed towards the goals. The end.

Still, I fared better than last night’s session, which saw me killed by multiple fireballs from a local but not-so-neighbourly dragon. I suspect it might take more than my Level 3 or 4 Warrior before I head off to kill dragons … this isn’t Skyrim.

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