Dragon Age: Inquisition • Complete a timed mission on the war table • 15G • 37.34% of gamers unlocked this

My God, what’s a guy got to do to be able to unlock a progress achievement? I figured that this achievement would be one of those ‘up my sleeve’ ones, but it turns out that – much like the Cavalier achievement – it really makes up part of the introduction to the game itself.

While I haven’t played around with the War Table as much as I probably need to in order to properly assess its value, I can see this becoming my favourite meta game in Dragon Age. Much like Black Flag had that brilliant mobile app that let you earn money when away from your console, these tactical/time based missions are just a wonderful addition to an already overwhelmingly large game.

I’m jumping between Dragon Age and Rainbow Six at the moment just to spice up my gaming life a bit. I even started working my way through some of the missing stars from the Situations, which is absolutely worth doing when you feel like you’ve got a handle on the basics of the game. I’m far from competition-worthy, but I can certainly hold my own against Normal-difficulty AI!

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