Full Roster

Rainbow Six Siege • Unlock all 20 Original Operators • 50G • 16.05% of gamers unlocked this

I actually had to grind a bit to get this achievement. I suppose some of the great achievement designs come from grinding, which is fine – but I suppose what makes this a bit different from, say, the gaming golden age of the 90s, is the grind for in-game currency versus an actual reward.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a complaint. I quite like the mechanism by which you can choose the path you take to unlock your goodies, but the blatant tie-in with monetising the game beyond its original outlay still tickles the lesser angels of my nature.

But, hey. This is Tom Clancy, and I won’t have any ill spoken about the man and the franchise which has long evolved into something he wouldn’t recognise.

I mean, seriously, where the hell is Ding?

Anyway, today I join the 16-odd percent of Xbox gamers who have made their way through the gauntlet of games to earn themselves enough currency to unlock 20 operators. And let me tell you, that gauntlet can be tough on the internet. I don’t think I’d go so far as to call the R6 community ‘toxic’, but boy-oh-boy, it does have its share of the colloquial dickheads.

There are (sadly) many, many examples of bad sportsmanship in this game. But this muppet, Chronicle26, was one of the most recent, so I’m going to pick on him. I’m not quite sure what his issue was (I was actually playing consistently well for a change), but it didn’t stop him sending me some random paragraph of abuse on Xbox Live, and then proceeding to kill me in-game as well! I’m not sure if this kind of petty rubbish is actually the new norm for online gaming – or perhaps it’s even a generational thing (my four year old sounded more mature than half the others’ playing) – but either way, it’s not on. I hit that report button with gay abandon.

Tonight during my final grindy matches I had two players giving the entire squad grief. It’s incredibly annoying to be team-killed in the opening matches just so some wannabe kids can force everyone to sit through their game (particularly when they’re not very good). I hit the report button but I didn’t get a screen-grab (they also don’t appear on my ‘Recent Players’ list), but later matches the two spent some time shooting each other as well, so it’s a good chance these two dregs of society are exactly the reason Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

Look, it’s a ‘good’ game. I don’t think it’s particularly within the spirit of the original R6, but well done to Ubisoft for its success with it. I like the idea of keeping the game going for ten years and just releasing operators – I think that’s extremely clever – but time will tell whether this can hold the same attention span as others in the genre.

Despite its community problems – It held mine long enough to unlock 20 operators. And that’s a pretty good recommendation right there.

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