Crushed Colors


Halo Wars 2 • Improve your Score in any Campaign Mission • 10G • 6.19% of gamers unlocked this

Air rapidly escaped from my nostrils when I saw this tweet …

As I said from the start, this wasn’t designed to be a competition. I think anyone at this stage trying to chase an ‘Achievement Streak’ will be far behind the likes of professional gamers such as Stallion83 or Rand al Thor 19. Guys who have taken the risk and been successful at making a career out of gaming. Hell, having these guys on my friends list means that I am permanently pushed to the bottom of the leaderboard each month. If I was to have a moment of self-reflection, I guess my incredulity comes not from the seemingly low ’45 day’ streak … but more the lack of recognition that my own challenge has in the face of other, potentially established brands. (read: I’m not trying to mock their effort – I applaud it)

But why should it have recognition? There’s little doubt that I could turn this into a full-time job if I could sustain a healthy salary and it sought enough web traffic to result in a premium site. But, as I have long said, this is a creative outlet. I need to consider it as such. I have a busy job, a young family, and a growing company to manage – we can’t have it all!

What we can have, however, is an achievement a day. And today’s achievement comes in spite of a full-day at the office and my mother staying with us for the second night in a row. Even lunch today was occupied with a quick catch-up with the family … as much (I think) to give my wife respite as to actually undertake a loving family activity, so working to get this achievement required that I be a bit bastardy in order to earn an achievement, and then have time to write it up.


Despite my whinging earlier today about tethering my phone to my computer just to be able to connect to Xbox, I ended up doing just that and re-powering through the second level in Halo Wars in order to ‘improve my score’. I’m not really sure how much I improved it by or what measures are used for a good score – Kills? Time to finish level? Units built? Either way, I managed to get a silver medal from Mission 2, which was clearly a step-up from the bronze I earned last time, and enough to trigger the achievement.

And, for the record, today is officially Day 241.


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