Dragon Age: Inquisition • Find and recover a shard identified by an ocularum • 15G • 43.09% of gamers unlocked this

I’ve given up on progress achievements on Dragon Age. I had a look at the quest map tonight and it really is a hot mess of goals to accomplish. I think there’s about 18 unique quests I have at the moment, and there’s no real way to differentiate between what’s important and what’s not. The Witcher 3 wins that particular round.

I tell you what I did enjoy tonight, and that was the sight of a dragon fighting a giant! Excellent job, EA. I didn’t realise I needed this in my life until I saw it! Of course, Dragon Age isn’t the first series to introduce NPCs fighting each other (and certainly not as scripted as this battle – the dragon was triggered to fly off if I got too close), I’d say Skyrim was my first, or clearest memory of that happening, but it doesn’t matter who was first, simply that it’s a pleasure for the eyes to see such great mythical creatures having a bit o’ rough-and-tumble.

A lot of the talk around the gaming scene lately has concentrated on having ‘stories’ or ‘adventures’, and I’m thinking, in particular, of Sea of Thieves and their recent spate of Beta Tests. The biggest draw card for the game is that the freedom of the world builds its own adventures through, and these free-flowing stories are what Rare Ltd are planning on keeping the game alive. I would argue that DA:I has the capability to do the same, after I fled the scene of a Level 8 Bear (x2) massacre with a dwarf in my party, slid down a hill (after running for ten minutes – those NPCs have no boundaries!) and then taking pot-shots at the bears until the were dead. I got there in the end, but damn, if that doesn’t make for a good story on its own – as a single player.

Or it doesn’t and I’m just late-night rambling.

Either way, like most of my achievements in this game so far, I ended up earning an achievement just for a random collectable I found along the journey. A crystal or a ‘shard’ which I’m still not sure about … but it sure has led us to the next area in the game … when we can find it! This is where I stumbled on the glut of missions I have yet to accomplish, no idea what is main now and what isn’t, meaning that the aim for particular progress achievements might be slower going than first thought.

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