Imagine All That Imaginite!

Skylanders Imaginators • Open 50 Imaginite Chests • 50G • 53.13% of gamers unlocked this

Ahh, Skylanders, I feel like it’s been a while … it probably hasn’t, I seem to play it at least once every 2-3 days (not necessarily going for an achievement), but between the multiple profiles and save games on the console, I really get a bit lost as to where I’m up to.

Tonight though, I was steadfast in my commitment to make some game progress on my account. Truth be told, the kids don’t really care about achievements – their interest is more in making sure that they get a turn at a particular toy or another (we all have our favourites), but I knew that I was close to this one so I figured: ‘why not?’

The array of areas and ways where you can obtain chests is fairly wide-ranging. I simply replayed the first half of an early level which was enough to score a couple of chests here-and-there, and certainly more than the couple I needed to earn this achievement.

Tonight I’m planning a session on vanilla Destiny with a friend who has just bought the collectors edition, so assuming there’s not a mammoth update needed, I may be able to grab a couple of sneaky achievements that I missed last time. I’m not optimistic but it doesn’t matter too much – I earned my raid achievement and that was enough to sate me.

… and I’m typically an insatiable beast.

(Not sure where that came from. It’s been a long week!)

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