Mini Metro • Deliver 500 passengers in Montréal

This isn’t the first time that I’ve written about Mini Metro, and if I’m perfectly honest, it’s a good game – it probably won’t be the last. It’s actually not really the easiest game to play during a lunch break at work if I’m perfectly honest. My preferred play style, on fast speed (gotta get those achievements quickly!) means that you always need a free hand to be able to manipulate the tracks to the next station, or be quick to reassign carriages to a line which has no trains close enough to pick up a rapidly overcrowding station.

I’m far enough through (subjective assessment) the main game now that I need to start considering ways to go back and tidy up some of the alternative achivement on each of the levels. I had started working on one of those achievements (I think it was Melbourne, but I can’t be too sure … the requirement was to deliver a certain number of passengers with one station having all the lines converge on it), but that was clearly too much for my tuna and biscuit-laden hands, so I made my first attempt on Montreal…


… and failed eight passengers short of my target. It was probably the moment that I realised I needed slightly more than divided attention, so I took the brief moment in between finishing my tuna and finishing my lunchbreak to restart the attempt …

… and I did it!

I tapped out of Canada at around 530 passengers – shortly after the leader image was taken, which is consistent with my approach for other Mini Metro levels, and I’ll save the others for another day.

Again, it’s a great, great little game.

Mini Metro Achievement Progress


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