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Clicker Heroes • Complete 5 Relic Quests

Another day, another ‘ascension’, or ‘amnesia’, or whatever your clicker-of-choice essentially wants to call ‘restarting’. It’s a clever little mechanic used to keep you in-the-game … or spending money on in-game currency – depending on where you fall on the optimist-pessimist spectrum. This achievement was actually for completing five of a particular type of mercenary quest, these ones for ‘relics’, but I suspect that I have a few other achievements for similar quests on the cusp of completion as well.

I’ve been playing Clicker Heroes for a long time now, but today I saw an ad to preorder Clicker Heroes 2! I’m fairly sure that I’m quite low on the list of people that would be excited for CH2 … but … well … I am! I had a look on the Steam page to see if I could preorder it, but it’s still showing up as ‘Available 2018’, so it’s a bit of wait-and-see. In the meantime, there’s still plenty of achievements to earn – so more waiting … and seeing … to go!

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