Riptide GP: Renegade • Earn 1st place in any Race event • 20G • 60.29% of gamers unlocked this

I wonder how many people would have ever played Riptide GP if it hadn’t of been for Game Pass? That’s not a criticism, I think Game Pass is one of the great vehicles for discovering diamonds-in-the-rough of the Xbox marketplace, but it is essentially the same stock-standard JetSki-esque racer that we’ve all seen, and played, before.

I couldn’t even get through the tutorial level without getting frustrated, so I ended up skipping it and just getting straight into the action. Turns out that was probably for the best, as it was just a simple matter of whipping around the circuit and earning myself the achievement. I noticed that there is another achievement for getting first place on a Slalom event, which happens to be the next race-type in my career mode, so I’ve strategically put that aside for tomorrow.

Before I even touched my console, I did try and earn an Xbox achievement on my PC, but it turned out that there was just simply too much legwork to be able to pull one from Age of Empires or A Walk in the Dark quickly tonight. I’ve had another killer night last night being up with the 2 year old, and then a full day of work has left me incredibly fatigued, so expediency was somewhat the order of the day.

And it still is the order of the day. Insert Yawn Here.

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