Cold Shoulder


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 • Infiltrate the snowy mountain side base

As I just finished writing, my hangover has left me with a desire to accomplish very little in my day today. I think if I can pop the blister in my hand and maybe not burst into tears at the thought of anymore work in the garden, then today will be a good day.

Following on from yesterday’s fluke achievement, I wanted to wrap-up my work in the Kazakhstan Mountains, and escape the base – so that’s pretty much what I did. Got off the airfield, grabbed a snowmobile, dodged helicopter missiles and a small Russian army, jumped a huge gap and GTFO of there.


Out of all the claims of ‘PC Master Race’, it still seems strange that Call of Duty has really found its home on console. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still rather play on console over my potato of a PC any day, but there seems to be a very clear delineation between the PC Battlefield players, and the COD console players. I make no further comment on that other than it’s an interesting observation.

What the last couple of days of COD has taught me though is that I’ve really missed the catharsis of playing a good mindless shooter. There’s been a lot of ‘filler’ shooters out there recently, but the Hollywood shine applied to the COD series really did scratch a genre itch that needed scratching. The later installments, venturing into space or back to WW2 are certainly not ‘bad’, but they’re not what kept me along for the adventures with Soap and Captain Price for so long.


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