Riptide GP: Renegade • Earn 1st place in any Elimination Event • 20G • 20.74% of gamers unlocked this

I didn’t realise that I had another event type to earn an achievement on in Riptide, and I thought that today’s achievement would be for reaching Level 5, but in my ongoing progress through the campaign, this event type came up – and I managed to stay in there long enough (not overly difficult) to win the race.

You would think for someone who has been less than enthusiastic for this game, that they might have long since abandoned it … but this weekend has been a time-poor occasion, where I’m attempting to mix garden landscaping (building a retaining wall yesterday, I ended up getting burned and blistered), a Robbie Williams concert (yes, Robbie, you may entertain me), and a foggy, hungover head as a result of the aforementioned concert. It seems like a miracle that I am even able to get out of bed today, but other than sitting down to do a couple of races and smash through the rest of my level on Call of Duty (which I’ll write about shortly), I have been taking it deliberately easy.

The good news about earning these surprise achievements is that I know what I can accomplish tomorrow before I even have to worry about it. Tomorrow is another balls-to-the-wall kind of day, so a couple of races to clinch Level 5 is likely all I’ll have time for.

And right now, my hangover tells me that sounds like a damn good idea.

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