High Class Leveler


Ragnarok Clicker • Beat Level 120

I thought I was doing well on Insanity Clicker today as I did my brief whip through the four or five clickers I have on rotation. I managed to score myself an achievement for clicking 10,000 times, but as it turns out it was just an in-game achievement that yields a slightly improved DPS outcome, but otherwise doesn’t account for much on my Steam profile.

Before I pushed on with the next clicker on my list, Ragnarok, I did a scroll through the next closest achievement on the list and saw that I was only 5-6 levels away from earning this one. Well, after a weekend of passive gold earning, it was easy enough to buy a few heroes beyond my current level and smash through the final stages to break the 120.

I think Passive Gaming is one of the world’s greatest inventions. For me, my love of it started in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, where you could earn money on missions while offline – but it’s certainly carried forward since then. Clickers are just much more overt about that being their core game mechanic.


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