Winners Don’t Do Drugs

Trials of the Blood Dragon • Shut down the TurboCrank pipeline • 40G • 27.34% of gamers unlocked this

Wow, Ubisoft. Wow. I thought that the whole ‘Blood Dragon’ novelty of the Far Cry era was a delightful little spin-off from the main game of Far Cry 3, but when I saw that this was part of the Games with Gold for March, I figured it would be impossible to capture the ridiculous joy that comes with the world of Rex Colt and translate it to what essentially amounts to a motorcycle puzzler.

I was wrong.

This. Is. Fantastic. I’m not a very good Trials player – never have been, never will be – but somehow the actual skill that it takes to successfully complete a Trials course all drops away when faced with the requirement to shoot from your bike, and – a real surprise – get off your bike and complete on-foot challenges!

Again: Wow, Ubisoft.

You’d think my amazement at this game is hyperbole, and look, I am prone to exaggeration – but I am actually genuinely impressed that they’ve managed to make a game ‘fun.’ As much as I love gaming, sometimes the deep complex narratives and challenges can be more frustrating than cathartic, but in Trials of the Blood Dragon, Ubisoft have just come up with a game that is fun in its raw form.

I won’t get even close to A+’ing every level (at least I doubt I will) – but you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be pushing through the main campaign on this game until the end (unlike the other Trials games).

It’s been far too long for a game that’s this much fun to be on my TV.


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