Naval Proficiency


Windward • Defeat 5 pirates

I just felt like playing something a bit different today, and Windward was one of the few titles in my Steam library that I hadn’t quite gotten around to experimenting with beyond a few minutes when I originally installed it. What I like about this game is mainly its simplicity – click and hold your mouse button (or WASD) to control your ship, engage a few pirates with the most basic of controls, capture island townships and forts by simply sitting next to them – the design of this game is quaint, but equally brilliant.

The other aspect that appeals to me is its similarity (albeit not as dark) to Sunless Sea. I developed a strange kind of infatuation with that game during a free-to-play weekend, so much so that I never uninstalled it from my computer, but instead left its expired husk as a reminder to buy the game’s licence when it reduced in price on Steam.


Naturally, I’ve bought Sunless Sea now, but while I’m working on games that might not have gotten as much attention from my Steam library as I once thought, it seems appropriate to give this one the benefit of the doubt and spend some time with it to see what sticks.

So far, I’ve enjoyed it. It’s a good little naval game with the flavour of combat that feels right for a casual experience. I can’t sea(!) a swell(!) of people rushing out to play this, but for those people who already have their hooks(!) into it – I’m sure it’s not going to be thrown overboard(!).

OK, I admit. I really struggled with that last pun.

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