Windward • Open a Sealed Letter

I guess you could say this was a belated hangover achievement, in that I’d seen it before, knew that I had a sealed letter in my inventory, but never spent the time to work out how exactly to open it. As it turns out, the trick is to clear out your inventory of the other achievements first, and then right-clicking and hitting ‘Examine’ seems to do the tick.

The letter itself was actually a fairly small part of my time on Windward today. For the most part, I’ve been attempting to work through a few of the quests, from what I can understand of them anyway, and – like most normal people I suppose – I’ve just ‘played’ the game.

Outrageous, isn’t it?

I feel like I’m getting a good handle on combat and game navigation now … I know it’s only taken me a few hours, but unless you’re playing naval strategy and trade games with some sort of regularity, some hurdles are expected. Handy cut-outs with information and requirements are littered throughout the game, so where I’ve had a memory blank (or simply can’t work out what’s going on) I’ve typically been steered back to normality by the game itself. Good Design.

I’ll try and get around to a bit more of this tomorrow, but I’m also conscious that there are better games to play in one’s lunch-break. We will see how and where the mood grabs me.


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