Go, Ninja, Go, Ninja, Go!

Trials of the Blood Dragon • “Blades of the Dragon” has officially been cancelled • 40G • 8.23% of gamers unlocked this

Let us all take a moment to celebrate that there were no jet packs in any of this morning’s levels! They’re certainly not getting any easier though. Even this chapter, ‘Blades of the Dragon’, culminated in a nearly 10-minute long timer for the final level (which I still ran over) … with a whole series of boss battles against various ninjas and scenarios.

I’ll be honest … it was a lot of fun.

Other than the looming deadline to get out of the door, into the car and on-the-road to work, today’s missions offered the same level of variety and joy that I’ve been lauding Trials of the Blood Dragon over for the past few days. It’s just fun. And I’m absolutely not a person who like Trials, but this … is … fun.

Following on from last night, I actually wanted to quickly mention what I decided to play. It was a bit of a twist from my usual fare, instead knocking off a few achievements in … (drumroll) … Borderlands! I think this is a Game Pass title, and I’ve just left it on my console with the sole aspiration of finishing the game after all these years (I’ve had many, many false starts) and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m making some gains. Rather than trying to rush the ending – I’ve paced myself and started working through some of the missions – side and main – to level up my character and be in a position to make progress. It’s also equally nice to play a game where the gunplay is loud, heavy and just damn good fun.

… and I’m loving the return to fun in gaming.


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