Ragnarok Clicker • Transcend the world 1 time

So, it turns out I did something stupid. Rather than just taking a simple look at the achievement list to see if there was something more easily … well, achievable, I hit the ‘transcend’ button looking for a quick-and-painless achievement.

I also hit that button at Level 139, when there was another achivement ready-and-waiting for me at Level 140.

In the wise words of Homer J. Simpson: D’oh!

Anyway, what’s done is done, and I earned an achivement that I would have earned sooner-or-later anyway. I do thoroughly enjoy working my way through these clickers at the moment – they are good mindless entertainment to have on in the background while I’m busy at my nine-to-five.

Speaking of which – there’s plenty to do today, so I’m back to the grind!

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