Mini Metro • Deliver 500 passengers in San Francisco

Today, our Mini Metro journey takes us to San Francisco, my ideological, if not spiritual (that mantle goes to Boston) home – largely as a result of its tech and gaming presence. This was actually one of the easier levels that I’ve managed to get the volume achievement on – either as a result of good track placement, or just my development as a Mini Metro gamer who is able to place carriages and add new lines to areas before problems occur.

Either way, it was easier.

It was kind of nice having a bit of a stop-and-game session over lunch today, as I’ve been a bit inundated with work. Getting a Diet Coke, a salad roll, and a spot of Mini Metro really hit the spot. It makes me think of employers who have a console or a game station setup in their lunchrooms for employees to use on their breaks … I can certainly see the benefit in offering some ‘release’ to staff, even for a short space of time (I only played Mini Metro for about 20 minutes). I know that the existing research shows that staff who have access to Social Media are able to take quick mental breaks from work which results in their ability to be more productive post-break. Surely that research translates to gaming?

Regardless, I’ve certainly been ‘productive’ (‘more’ is a bit subjective) this afternoon. Maybe it’s the games, maybe its the crushing weight of my workload – the net result is that I got to squeeze in some games this afternoon, and, in that scenario: everyone wins.


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