Tom Clancy’s The Division • Kill a named Elite in the Dark Zone • 15G • 26.72% of gamers unlocked this

It’s ten minutes to midnight as I start writing this so it is going to be quick! I really wanted to have a session on The Division tonight, following the announcement of its sequel being revealed at the rapidly-approaching E3.

There’s been a lot of chatter on the internet today about how much The Division improved since launch, thanks to a healthy array of patches and ongoing maintenance that has taken it from perceived mediocrity to a half-decent game.

Here’s a confession: I never had a problem with it and I haven’t really noticed much difference since launch.

It’s still a beautiful game. I don’t care if you avoid gunplay all together and just wander around Ubisoft’s New York. I remember at launch going to find the hotel we stayed at somewhere on 50th Street, but some strategically placed buildings and general debris was in the way. I also know, from experience, that it takes much, much longer to navigate the length of Manhattan that my Operator’s, albeit fit-and-toned, legs can carry him. I learned quickly that it was a Not-to-Scale version of the Big Apple.

My ‘named elite’ came in the form of a sharpshooter called ‘Buckshot’. I have a feeling I’ve battled Buckshot before on The Division, but who knows, I might not have defeated him or it might have been with a larger group and I didn’t get the kill … either way I managed to get him tonight with some fancy sniper-play and patience. Patience was absolutely the key.

With that in mind, I have five minutes left to post, so I’m going to pretty-up this entry and hit publish! Tom Clancy himself would be proud of that publication turnaround!

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