Gold Star


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 • Earn 1 star in Special Ops

My current COD MW2 savegame is sitting at the start of the ‘No Russian’ level, which I don’t philosophically have a problem playing, but it doesn’t (and probably rightly so) result in an achievement, so I haven’t been bothered working my way through it in full. Yes, I know you can skip the mission, but it’s actually a good example of confronting art – and I don’t think it should be skipped for the sake of sensibility.

Sure, I haven’t been directly impacted by terrorist or gun violence, and that might change my perspective somewhat – but like most art, it is reflective of a given situation and given time, and right now I think it should be played.

Instead of the above, I opted to have a session in the Special Operations section of the game. I spent so very many hours playing MW2 back on the PlayStation 3 … so much so that I remember making fairly hefty progress through the Special Ops (I may have finished, I can’t remember … I certainly remember unlocking all the sections), going prestige multiplayer a few times over and completing all the levels on hardcore (a few times from memory … there was items of intel to collect as well). Of course, this was with a controller, and playing COD on a laptop without a mouse (admittedly, I’ve become quite good with the trackpad on an FPS though … many hours practice commuting on a train), so I probably didn’t have the reflexes and agility that I would have had on console … but I had enough to finish one of the operations and earn myself a single gold star.

It kind of feels like being in primary school again.

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