Merciless Warrior


Royal Defense • Destroy 1000 enemies

For some strange reason, I earned a whole heap of achievements in AdVenture Capitalist today that don’t appear on my Steam achievement list, nor in the game achievements either. I suspect that they may have been added into the game at the back-end and not necessarily transposed onto the main Steam server, so they may show up eventually – but in the interests of transparency, I thought it best to grab another achievement somewhere to cover me for the day.

Enter: Royal Defense.


I don’t mind the odd tower defence game, when I’m winning at them. I still have some scars left over from particularly obnoxious levels in PixelJunk, so when I find a good battle rhythm in a game, it makes me much happier. It just so happened I did have a good battle rhythm today, and blowing the heads off 1000 orcs (or trolls, or some other little green monster dudes) brings me a small sense of satisfaction.

Yesterday I spent a not-insignificant amount of time downloading some of the top games I could find in my Steam Library for my Linux PC … the one I just installed a new graphics card in … so I’m hoping that I might have enough time in my day to be able to test it out a little bit and see how it performs against something like my Mac. It’s not the fastest GPU in the world, but it was already running some of the games pretty well using the onboard chip, so I’m hoping that this gives me enough boost to be able to play some competitive PC games with some more gusto. Experimentation is on the cards.


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