Extended Puckin'


ClusterPuck 99 • Complete a 10 minute match on any level

I thought I might be able to earn an achievement on one of my clickers today, but it seems like that a whole heap of in-game achievements are within reach, but coded Steam achievements still require a bit of work, so it was off to a new game I go. I’ve actually got a bit of free time this evening to try out that new graphics card properly on my Linux setup, but I feel like Ghost Recon is calling me, so I’m planning on spending a not-so-insignificant amount of time tracking down a drug lord once the kids go to bed.

Today I gave ClusterPuck 99 a go, which seems to be a hockey-esque game where you control a small symbol and … well, try to knock a puck into a goal. I played a couple of matches over my lunchbreak, some short and a ten minute one to get this achievement, but I think my ineptitude with a mouse-and-keyboard was all too self apparent, as the AI reigned supreme around the map.


Funnily enough, I actually didn’t need to do anything to finish off my PC achievement today, as I earned an achievement as I launched the game. The achievement was titled ‘Patience is a Virtue’, with a description of “You patiently waited over 300 days for this update”, which means I’ve essentially landed on an achievement just by playing it nearly a year after it was launched … or patched. I don’t know, either way I thought it was a nifty little reward for players who like an extra enticement to get back into a game, and it reminds me of the 0G timed and media achievements Xbox had originally promised when it launched the Xbox One. I don’t begrudge Microsoft’s shift away from what must have been a low-engagement feature, but I was also a guy who loved Games for Windows Live, so I feel like I’m perhaps in a consistent pattern of backing the wrong horse!

I don’t think I’ll be rushing back to ClusterPuck. It actually makes a much better piece of background viewing to have on while you’re doing some work … setup a couple of advanced AI to fight each other and you’ve essentially got a mini-sports game to watch.

I like the premise, but perhaps not the practice. I’m not holding out for spending much more time in-game, unless I can find a quick-and-friendly achievement to earn!


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