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SUPERHOT • Encountered a disconnection bug • 25G • 62.69% of gamers unlocked this

I actually started the day with a surprise achievement from both Skylanders Trap Team and Super Lucky’s Tale, but in the interests of variety, I decided to use one of the early achievements from the newly-minted Games with Gold title, SUPERHOT.

First of all, I have a long-standing issue with using ALL CAPITALS as a stylistic choice, and I have been known to change it for the purposes of this blog – but I’ve made an exception (for now), noting that I’m not entirely sure what the premise of SUPERHOT is. Am I supposed to use it as a descriptive? Is it a noun? Is it a proper noun, at that? Either way, these are the questions that keep me up at night, so if you’re thinking of twisting the knife into me as a result of your disagreement with my decision to allow the ALL CAPITALS … then don’t.

I’ve been interested in this game ever since I saw it reviewed a while back, and it plays exactly as it reads on the packet. Time moves when you move. What a brilliant, brilliant concept, made even more effective by the minimalist art style they have adopted. I love it, and I can see why it’s been well received by critics.

  • Passive-Aggressive Moment: at least those who I consider critics … other wannabes (cf. outlets) have just tried to adopt the Phil Daoust approach to writing, and tried to spend their whole time attempting wit rather than reviewing SUPERHOT – but that’s another discussion for another time.

Make no mistake about it, I’m keen to push through on SUPERHOT. I’ll be giving it a go later tonight before I head back to Bolivia in Ghost Recon, but this is a good game. The ‘free’ price accompanying my Xbox Gold membership makes it that much better.

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