They Live


Spec Ops: The Line • What’s lost is found

If I ever needed a case-study to demonstrate that ‘perhaps’ a cheap-and-cheerful GPU isn’t quite going to cut the mustard, this might be it. I suspect that some of my issues relate to personal ineptitude using a keyboard and mouse – and professional gaming ones at that – having grown up quite comfortably gaming on a Compaq Presario.


I played Spec Ops: The Line many years ago when it first came out on PlayStation. It was considered to have ‘pretty good’ gameplay, but its compelling story was where it was at. Truth be told, I really enjoyed it. I’ve never completely understood ‘the twist’, even after completing the game and reading the plot summary on Wikipedia – my go-to confusion buster – but I, nonetheless, remember it with some fondness.


Today’s achievement seems largely progress based. It’s a strangely-titled achievement, considering the point at which you earn it is when you find everyone dead, so without fully going back for a re-read, it’s hard to tell the context (I heartily skipped the cutscenes on this play through thinking I could brave it).

I think the game is still a bit too jaggy for me, even with the settings on rock-bottom – so I’m not expecting a whole lot of output from this game for the rest of this challenge, but it was nice to revisit it briefly today and to include it as part of my PC Achievement collection. It’s certainly staying on my PC pile of shame for a little bit longer anyway.


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