Short Work


Clicker Heroes • Complete 50 Five Minute Quests

I said I would do it, and I did it. Another achievement down on Clicker Heroes, and – perhaps more importantly – a bit more variety in the mix for PC gaming today. I think this achievement is more about running the marathon of gaming, as opposed to the sprint of early-level achievements. Fifty is a lot of quests, and when your Mercenaries don’t necessarily get a five-minute quest as part of their random selection, ‘chipping away’ at the quests, some of which have the lowest mission at around four hours, probably takes the full 127 hours of playing time I have clocked-up on my Steam Account (full disclosure: I did leave it running overnight once when I first started playing … I don’t think I’m getting those statistics back).

Tonight’s Xbox gaming is likely to be a spot of Tom Clancy’s The Division, thanks to a delicious weekly sale price of 60% off the season pass. I’ve been very keen to get back to The Division, and if there’s a bit of meat-on-the-bones which means I don’t need to work my way into the Dark Zone and deal with other people (not that there were many of them last time I played) then I’m all the more for it.

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