Am I Being Organized?


Mountain • Mountain organizes itself

Today is Mountain day – and letting Mountain run by itself for a few hours seemed to collect a few achievements – notably a couple for doing just that: leaving it by itself!

I wanted to choose an achievement today that actually required me to do something, and I suspect that this one popped because I started cleaning up the mountain. The few hours that I left it allowed it to start accumulating junk … a brick, a CD, the arrow that landed there the other day, etc. Now that I’ve worked out how to actually remove it from the mountain (click and hold rather than click-and-flick!) then I was able to start playing around with the mechanic and seeing what worked. What worked, apparently, was that the mountain rewarded me with an achievement.


As expected, Mountain serves as a beautiful backdrop screensaver or just something nice to have on in the background. Every now and then, much like a fidget spinner, I would zoom in or out on the screen just to see if anything was happening – but for the most part, I’ve left my mountain alone for the day. I might fire it up for a little bit more this afternoon, at the risk of burning through a few other achievements, but I’m fairly sure I’ve said before that while it’s nice to have some ‘in the bank’ for busy days, it’s also a disincentive for pursuing more ambitious goals and other games.

Either way, I’ve enjoyed my time with Mountain. Maybe there’ll be another chance to revisit it in the coming weeks before I move on in the Steam Library!

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