Dictatorship 101


Tropico 5 • Finish all tutorials

There is a whole heap of sales going on across the various internet outlets at the moment. Most of them are prefixed with ‘Spring Sale’ or some non-descript game award nominee list, but either way – if you want a bargain, there’s a few doing the rounds on the web at the moment.

One of the ones that I stumbled across was an exceptionally cheap price for Tropico 5 … a game which I’ve played a little of during its second and third iterations, but haven’t yet picked 5. As it turns out, the game was already in my library and there was no need to rebuy it, or its DLC, but I hadn’t downloaded it to my PC yet, and in the interests of doing something new, I thought I’d give it a go.


At first glance, the game itself seems to lean-in heavily to its pedigree. There’s politics, there’s economics and a beautiful backdrop – not to mention that it runs great, and it has a well laid-out UI that makes the game more-than-inviting to sit down and play. If I was a streamer, I could see myself sitting down for an afternoon session of Tropico 5. But, because I’m not – it remains me on the couch, in my tracksuit pants, playing a game or two while something frivolous is on commercial TV. What a life.


The tutorial itself is broken into three chapters – but you’re given plenty of money to rush completion on buildings and the goals themselves are not that overly complicated. Build this. Research that. The whole end-to-end process for the tutorial took less than half-and-hour, and I don’t feel like I’ve been bombarded with useless information – rather, I’ve been given ‘just enough’ to give me a taste for what I need to know, and I can find out the rest on my own as the game rolls on.


As we’re about to roll into the weekend, I suspect that the next few days might involve a bit of Tropico 5. I’m a little excited to see how I fare in a real game (as opposed to today’s tutorial) after so long away from the older games, and a healthy appetite for RTS.

It’s either going to go very, very well – or very, very badly.


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