Bad Reputation

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands • Completed the Influence operation • 15G • 19.74% of gamers unlocked this

I know it’s trendy to hate on ‘the Church’ at the moment thanks to a glut of scandal, but even I found a small sense of smug satisfaction chasing down this priest and handing him over to the CIA. This drug-and-child trafficking monster seemed to get off fairy lightly in my book, but I guess thematically he’s really just a means to an end.

That, and of course, he’s entirely fictional.

It also feels good to close out an ‘arm’ of the Wildlands missions. For a game I thought I would never understand and get into, I’ve really sunk my teeth into it and I’m developing a good battle rhythm now. Of course, if I stayed on the Predator mission I think I’d still be there, and so I have to admit, I’m loving the slow pursuit of bad guys through a well-rounded variety of missions.

Closing out missions also means one thing – it’s a bit of a slow burn back to get to the next ‘arm’, so I suspect a Wildlands achievement might be a while off yet, though if I get some time I’ll certainly make as much headway as I can.

And so, another one – or four or five – bites the dust. The journey continues …


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