Terminal Velocity

Portal • Fall 30,000 feet

I don’t know what’s wrong with my Steam lately. I’ve been having real hit-and-miss results with my screenshot button on all versions of Steam, and so I apologise for the recycled screenshot. I actually thought I took a really great image while I pursued this achievement (which I attempted twice, thinking that I had fallen enough the first time around to earn it – I hadn’t), but it wasn’t in the usual screen capture folder, nor did the Steam Cloud prompt a pop-up, and so I’m left only with the satisfaction of knowing the achievement is registered on my account successfully – and you know what? Sometimes that’s all that matters.

Same as last Portal achievement, this seems like something that I have likely done multiple times on multiple playthroughs, but this is the first time I’ve registered it on my long term account. Falling repeatedly through portals is actually one of those fun experimental things you try when you first get the option to do so in the game, and turning it into an achievement means you need to set yourself up to prevent any ‘slipping’ and accidentally landing on the side of a portal instead of following through. I found a level with a few corners that I was able to set myself up in, fire a couple of portals at the roof and floor and let myself go.

I’ll try a few different tactics for screenshots on PC over the next few days to make sure I can land a solution, otherwise we’re doomed for the next few months to publish repeats.

Not on my watch, boy.

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