Shut Down

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands • Completed the Production operation • 15G • 18.47% of gamers unlocked this

Do … do … do … Another one bites the dust. A bit of a journey to make my way through the missions to eventually grab El Yayo and save his family as part of tonight’s achievement, but also quite a satisfying one. The multi-part missions are some of my favourite in Ghost Recon, and while I enjoy the small bites that you can accomplish through the rebel missions, or simply by mowing down a base to grab a medal, document or skill point, the missions that have some meat-on-the-bones are where this game truly shines. You get a sense that the developers probably had the most fun developing these as well – offering up a delightful combination of stealth and action.

I have a couple more ‘arms’ of the cartel structure to take down, but surprisingly, it seems like I can actually just skip to the end and go after El Sueno. I’ll admit, skipping to the end of the story is certainly appealing – it’s been a long-term policy of mine to smash through the main story and then go back for achievement tidy-up, but I’m aware that I’m just as likely to move on to another title as well. I’m certain there’s some psychological reason for it, buried deep down under the wave of sociopathy and medication, but the net result remains the same – without the goal of an end-mission, I’m likely to put the game back on the shelf.

No, instead I’ve committed to cleaning up a few of the missions on the ‘wings’ first. I’ve already made progress on a few of them, but – while I’ve never been a crack special forces operative – I imagine there’s a warm, satisfying sense of completion when you do a job properly, rather than quickly (alternatively, there might be a any-means-necessary attitude, but I like my romantic notion better).

This weekend is Easter, and while I have nothing planned – logic dictates that any extended time at home is a risk of being dragged out for an activity that isn’t gaming. I’m optimistic that I can still grab my achievements properly over the course of the next four days – I’m just not convinced that they’ll be very good ones. Time will tell.


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