The Red Baron


Clicker Heroes • Complete 25 Ruby Quests

I was actually thinking of letting this one slide today. Not that I was doing so out of needing to desperately earn an achievement or anything – but I just actually ‘felt’ like breaking the cycle of PC achievement earning in order to ‘take the foot off the throttle’ a little bit.

That being said – I did earn an achievement, so it seemed like a bit of a waste not to cash it in and log it here. I either didn’t remember or couldn’t be bothered to take a screenshot though – so it’s an old shot from what looks to be early-game, either when I first played or post-transcendence, either way – it’s a pretty picture to go with the accompanying Tweet. Enjoy at your discretion.

Today’s gaming has otherwise been fairly quiet. I knocked (accidentally) another achievement over in Wildlands, and I have aspirations of finishing another ‘arm’ of the cartel tomorrow which should just about put me on the home straight. I have some time booked in with my PlayStation Vita now so if I get something after midnight, I might take the time to write about that in the morning as well.

Otherwise, it’s late. And I’m tired. Goodnight!


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