Broken Locks

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands • Completed the Security operation • 15G • 21.27% of gamers unlocked this

Bolivia’s Drug Scene is a little bit duller today, as I keep chipping away at the collective ‘2IC’s’ in the cartel org chart. This assault on ‘El Muro’, the cartel’s head of security, was actually one of the harder missions I’ve attempted, considering he starts off in a heavily fortified military base – then flees in an armoured car to another heavily fortified military base, and he moves faster than a jackrabbit on cocaine. Needless to say, it took me multiple attempts to work out the best way to catch him and the best place to catch him.

The difficulty, I suspect, lies in the Bolivian Military having a not-insignificant part to play in these missions, having the major foothold in the region and pretty much replacing the cartel as the bad guys for much of it. And these guys are tough. I’m speaking with a touch of hyperbole, of course – I am playing on the easiest difficulty and they can be killed – but on-balance, these guys are smart, they’re fast, and they are more numerous than the cartel, and I think it’s this latter point which makes it the most difficult.

Anyway, that brings me to the final stretch. One mega bad-guy to go, and about four or five little bad guys to clean up before I get to that point, and then it’s time for the biggest bad guy of them all – El Sueno. Having played a reasonable chunk of Wildlands, I can safely say that I hope they pull a sequel out of the works. I don’t think it rated or sold as well as they would have hoped, but knowing Ubisoft, they’re also likely to give it another go (think Watch_Dogs).

I’ll keep all my toes and other bits crossed.


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