Smuggler’s Blues

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands • Completed the Smuggling operation • 15G • 17.62% of gamers unlocked this

And then there was one: El Sueño. This was quite a considerable grind over a few missions, with a couple of stealth missions triggering a failure due to conditions that would make Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) blush, and some enemy AI that had a penchant for blowing up my transportation rather than me before I could escape. It made for more than one long-haul trip over the Bolivian countryside to find alternative arrangements.

In addition to dismantling the final arm of the cartel, I also closed-out the DEA Ricky Sandoval storyline which is essentially one where the Ghosts recover a recording where Sandoval confesses to being responsible for something (being deliberately vague for spoilers) that the cartel is blamed for. It’s not Hollywood-level writing, but I guess it’s … something.

And so, I’m left with the boss himself. The final countdown. There’s two missions that look to be attached to El Sueño so I’ll most likely give them a look over the next 48 hours and close-out the main storyline on this adventure once and for all. History (ie. Just Cause 2, etc.) tells me that I’m very good at going back to do open world cleanup, so I may cherry pick a few achievements and see what I can make happen – but I also note there’s a few of those achievements attached to DLC, so I’ll wait and see whether it’s worth the extra money.


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