Mission Master

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands • Completed all Story missions • 75G • 13.48% of gamers unlocked this

It’s done. It’s over. I have successfully completed the story of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, and I feel better for the experience. For a game that totally, totally confused me at the start, and I had all but given up on ever really getting into – I eventually found a loved title and welcome addition to the Tom Clancy legacy.

The two missions for El Sueño are actually just tick-and-flick missions. Go to a location, watch a cut scene, complete mission. The final run on the monastery where you go to the final encounter is actually a bit tense as it’s timed and there’s not really an easy way to get there, but I stumbled across a helicopter enroute, and so the 10 minute countdown timer really became a non-issue by the time I got there. Sure, there were a lot of bad guys at the monastery when I arrived, but nothing insurmountable, and nothing that some clever friendly-AI couldn’t help me with.

The last mission itself is probably one of the better story missions, interweaving your established relationships with Bowman, Pac Katari and even El Sueño towards the final showdown. Out of all the characters of the Clancy-verse, whether the original or in Ubisoft’s spiritual successor, I have to say that I’ve found Karen Bowman to be one of the best characters I’ve come across. It’s nice to have the CIA portrayed a little less guns-all-blazing and a little more back door politick. In other words: more cloak, less dagger. There’s more than enough dagger to go around with the Ghosts as it is.

What I found interesting was that I unlocked an ‘alternative’ ending having killed all the Buchon’s, but on further reading, it seems like I’ve already watched the ‘alternative’ ending – which was the one that I watched this morning. The ending itself apparently only changes in the cut scene, and requires me to go back and manually select the alternative ending as part of mission. There’s no achievement in it, so I might just YouTube the ending, but I found it an interesting concept that even after all these years, developers are still putting in the work to give gamers little treats for putting in the hard yards.

And so, this is the end of my Bolivian adventure. I have a couple of very close achievements that I’d like to tidy up – notably the one for reaching maximum level (I assume, level 30) and another for unlocking all the upgrades in one (and all) branches, so I suspect that there’ll be a few more nights of side quests to fill in my time and get over the line. I am going to persevere with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and see what other titles I have in the library for clean-up, and I think I’ll smash through these last couple of achievements in my own time (that being said, if I grab them and there’s nothing else on offer for the day – then I’m probably going to use them)!

Final thought: the most important thing I’ve taken away from Wildlands, is that I unlocked a cowboy hat. I regret not playing the game with this hat for longer. It’s a beautiful, beautiful hat.

Vale, El Sueño …

… and that hat.

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