Cars 2: The Video Game • Hop 20 times in a single event • 10G • 67.31% of gamers unlocked this

I’m having a few problems between Xbox.com and the Xbox App lately, so it’s been a bit of an effort to collect all the details I need to be able to prefix my blog post correctly, but I suppose the important thing is that I’ve earned this achievement today, and I’ve taken the steps to document it. I thought that the issue was to do with backwards compatibility and the contemporary Xbox UI inability to display the older titles, but it seems like even the games on Xbox One X I’ve been playing aren’t correctly registering on the App or online either, so it seems like it’s just one of those gremlins causing issues with the overall network.

The ultimate in first world problems.

Anyway, today I had both kids awake, and I also had to go and get some blood tests, so I had to fast and wasn’t able to eat breakfast with them. Instead I did what every deadbeat Dad does and played video games instead, but I made it a family game so that we could talk about what was happening while I played.

That game was Cars 2: The Video Game, and in the interests of full disclosure, I will admit that I’ve never seen the movie. I think I’ve watched a small fragment of the original Cars, but even then I can’t really remember what happens beyond the condensed story that is in the small hardcover book in my son’s bookshelf.

What I do know is: it’s a video game where you race cars.

I started my session with the basic tutorial and training guide, but I was almost ready to go back to sleep it was that dry, so I was delighted to have access to a mission early on. I had cherry-picked this achivement as a piece of low-hanging fruit, as there didn’t seem to be any ‘win your first race’ gamerscore to earn, and so I had to go hunting for ‘something’ to start the day. It seems jumping ten times while you’re mid-race is enough to make that happen.

There was another achievement on the list for completing tricks during a race, so I suspect that might make an appearance tomorrow – though it is Friday, I might save myself up for another run at the complicated Call of Duty mission from yesterday.


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