We Can See You

SUPERHOT • Experienced a direct contact with the system • 25G • 54.85% of gamers unlocked this

An opportunistic achievement today. I jumped onto the Xbox while the family finished their morning ‘get ready’ routine, which is – I imagine like most families – far longer than it actually needs to be. I sense that this is a progress achievement in terms of story (which I still don’t understand) but it’s interesting to see SUPERHOT (capitalisation rant goes here) try a touch of story to go alongside its innovative gameplay.

I might play a bit more of SUPERHOT this evening because I’m once again finding some solace in opening up my shadow challenge (in my head, I haven’t really talked about it here) to encompass gaming in all its forms (platform-wise). The intent of this is, of course, testing the waters before my 2018-19 challenge begins, but I don’t want to commit to anything in particular.

Consider it the Gemini in me.

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